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Sell Your Business with e-Merge

Sell Your Business

Thinking about selling your business? Did you know that The Wall Street Journal says marketplace platforms like Succession Link are one of the FASTEST ways to sell your practice, facilitate a merger, or expand business quickly via acquisition?


Succession Link's e-Merge Program is a customized matching service for those interested in merging or being acquired. Our goal and focus is to provide support through the entire M&A process.



So what does this mean for you?

If you are interested in merging or being acquired, have Succession Link do the work on your behalf by providing you with matches and introductions.

  • Receive a comprehensive business valuation report
  • End-to-end service through professional outreach
  • Access to secured capital




Bottom line... If you are looking to sell or merge your firm, eMerge will increase the value of your practice by:
  • Providing defined job descriptions for key personnel, allowing buyers to easily see if there is a value in retaining these individuals.
  • Encouraging a business owner to assess his or her willingness to stay involved with the business after selling. And if so, for how long?
  • Having a strategy for transitioning client accounts to the new owner.

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