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Start Your Business

Thinking about starting your own business. You could make the transition from individual employee to business owner by buying an existing financial practice, or you could start up your own company, building it from the ground up.

Buying an existing firm offers many benefits and fewer risks. You won't have to go through the hassle of starting your business from scratch and finding a way into the industry. If you purchase an existing practice, you will already have an established business in place, with a client base for you to take advantage of.

Get access to practices for sale, succession opportunities, partnering opportunities, and available office space using Chalice's proprietary service, Succession Link.


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  • 30% off Premier and Plus Subscriptions for Life
  • SSO Integrated for Easy Access
  • No transaction fees
  • Easily filter for compatible matches
  • Find or advertise your office space
  • Find or create job listings
  • Access to valuation calculator
  • Secured financing options
  • M&A guidance and support